Watermelon Mask-off: Skinfood vs. Glow Recipe

Welcome to a new year and my first comparison post ever! I don’t do posts about routines or hauls because I wanted this blog to be a space people can refer to for opinions and details on specific products they want to invest in so I only did posts focused on 1 product at a time. However, while I was looking at these two masks, I began wishing someone had compared them online to check if they were dupes. I talked about this on my Instagram and turns out, others were interested in this comparison too! I love watermelons so I had my eye on the Glow Recipe mask ever since it first launched but it came with a hefty price tag so I kept telling myself I didn’t need it immediately and I could wait until I really needed another mask. A few months later, I ran into the Skinfood Watermelon mask and couldn’t help but see the similarity n the pale pink, viscous, jelly-like liquid. I grabbed a pack of the Skinfood watermelon mask and a sample of the Glow Recipe watermelon glow mask (because I wasn’t about to spend over $40 on a product I had heard not-so-great things about and had never tried myself)


What are they?

The obvious difference between these two is what they are or rather what they’re marketed as.  The Skinfood (Referenced as SF) mask is a wash-off mask while the Glow Recipe (Referenced as GR) kind is a sleeping mask that can also be used as a wash-off mask (according to the Glow Recipe website). However, due to their textures and depending on your skin type, I believe you can use the SF mask as either a wash-off or a sleeping mask.



There is a huge difference in the packaging for both these masks. Even though my GR foil packet isn’t that fancy, it’s cute and the full size comes in a fancy glass container. The SF comes in a plastic container that doesn’t feel cheap either. It’s a thick and sturdy plastic which means I’m not afraid of breaking it. They’re both a very similar color and texture with very minor differences. SF feels thicker and more viscous while the GR is surprisingly watery in comparison.



I love watermelon and how it smells as a fruit, lotion, bath product, perfume and every other form. The SF mask smells heavenly. It’s a light and refreshing watermelon scent that makes me crave the fruit. I expected the GR to have a similar scent but was surprised and disappointed to find that it doesn’t smell like much of anything. I guess that’s good news too since a lot of consumers have sensitivities to fragrances or just don’t like having a scent on their products. For me though, SF wins this round.



This is where these two differ the most. As a sleeping mask, I expected GR to be thicker and more occlusive – absorbing in just enough to impart the benefits of the ingredients but also forming a layer that keeps moisture and other products in the skin throughout the night. Instead, it turns into a very watery gel on contact and absorbs into the skin immediately. I applied 3 layers in hopes of getting it thicker but it kept disappearing. My skin was left feeling like it needed another layer of one of my go-to sleeping masks. Since the website also claims this can be used as a wash-off mask, I think it’s important to mention that I think there’s nothing left on the skin even after 3 layers that can be washed off. In contrast, SF is really thick and fits the criteria of absorbing in while still leaving a thin film on the skin to keep the moisture in and help other products absorb kind of like sheetmasks do. For someone with drier skin than mine, using a thinner layer of the SF mask could also work as a sleeping mask that can be washed off in the morning.


Skinfood on left. Glow Recipe on Right




Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 12.06.53 AM

The common ingredients between the two products are highlighted in blue. The common ingredients seem to be solvents and the obvious watermelon fruit extracts. Both products differ mainly in the supporting extracts they contain and viscosity regulators or pH adjusters. The SF mask contains a red pigment which I think was probably unnecessary since the performance of the product might remain the same without its pretty pink color. The GR mask contains more exfoliators in its ingredient list but I didn’t notice more exfoliation when using the mask.



Both these masks claim to add a glow to the skin. I used the GR mask on 2 consecutive nights and the effects were not even close to those I get from other cheaper sleeping masks. I have never been able to use the SF mask overnight because of my skin type but I have used it for varying durations of 10mins – 45mins. The results of this mask have been consistently amazing. It is currently one of my favorite wash-off masks for glowing skin. It is not a detoxifying mask and will not heal acne or clean out pores. However, it does make my skin feel smoother and hydrated.



The GR mask retails for $45 for 2.7oz making it about $16.67/oz while the SF mask retails for $13 for 4.6oz making it about $2.83/oz (This product is also eligible for several Ulta coupons and sales making it cheaper. I bought it during a BOGO 50% off sale). Considering how much of the GR mask I needed per use due to its thinner consistency, the SF mask is a lot more bang for your buck.



I think it’s clear from this post that I think the Skinfood Watermelon Mask wins.

  • Packaging: Glow Recipe
  • Scent: Skinfood
  • Usage and Convenience: Skinfood (this might be different for you. I prefer a product I have to use for fewer hours to get the same or better results as opposed to leaving it on all night)
  • Effects/Results: Skinfood
  • Absorbability: Tie. I think this depends on your preference. For me, Skinfood wins.
  • Price: Skinfood

I believe the Skinfood mask is a better buy because you get more product and you have to use lesser in comparison, you spend fewer hours to get better results, it smells better (which may be important if you’re buying these for the refreshing watermelon scent) and it’s a lot cheaper than the Glow Recipe mask. In the event that you end up not liking the Skinfood mask, you can probably buy the Glow Recipe version and not feel as bad having spent $13 as opposed to spending $45 first only to find out it isn’t doing enough for your skin.


This post is not sponsored. I bought all the products mentioned in this post and all opinions are honest.



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  1. Candice says:

    This is so good to know. I found that GR has a lot of overrated and overly expensive products. I rated one of their products highly once because I liked how it felt. But over time, it does literally nothing for me and it cost $48 for a jar of it. I find these cheaper brands are crushing the game.


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