Yadah Anti-Trouble Bubble Cleanser Review

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We all know the double cleansing drill: Step 1 – Oil cleanser, Step 2 – Foaming cleanser. I never really indulge in self-foaming cleansers (the ones with the little pump that foams up the liquid for you. For some reason I always feel like they don’t work as well as a cleanser that you physically massage and froth up with your hands. However, this little beauty from Yadah changed my opinion!


It’s an ultra-soft foam. It feels like massaging your face with clouds. I wish I could wash my face with this all day but excessive cleansing can lead to more skin issues.

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I definitely has a scent that’s kind of citrusy but difficult to describe. I didn’t really notice the smell while using the product since the foam is diluted with air (so many bubbles = so much air!) and essentially smells like nothing. I was only able to smell it when I opened the bottle and stuffed my nose in it haha. After staring at the ingredients and sniffing the product again, I think I can very faintly smell some rosemary and sage notes but the smell is sweeter rather than spicier.

The Yadah Girl is adorable right?


This is one of those products that won’t give you immediate radiant and bright skin but rathe prevents other products from taking away the brightness. Like it’s name suggests, it’s Anti-Trouble. It prevents acne and is one of the only 3 (out of so many hundreds that I’ve tried) cleansers that don’t break me out. Even cleansers targeted to acne-prone skin can give me breakouts so the product really has to have specific and few ingredients to work for my skin. I believe it’s the salicylic acid that’s working for me since 2 of the 3 cleansers contain Salicylic Acid.



[Active Ingredients], Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Aloe Arborescens Leaf Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Extract, Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Extract, [Main Ingredients], Salicylic Acid

Other Ingredients from cosdna:

Water (as solvent), TEA- Cocoyl Glutamate (as surfactant), Glycerin (as solvent moisturizer), Cocamidopropyl Betaine (as surfactant, viscosity control and antistatic), some perfume, Disodium EDTA.

On the bottle itself it claims to use antioxidant rich herbal ingredients and the ingredients list does show it. Majority of the ingredients are natural extracts and the others are base ingredients needed to act as solvent and to create the foam. The only products that show up with a rating of 4 or higher for safety were predictable – Salicylic Acid, Cocamidopropyl Betaine and the perfume. Let’s talk about these.

Salicylic acid: This is a BHA. It’s commonly found in most acne-products and I used to have a bottle of 2% salicylic acid with me at all times. I usually soaked some cotton pads in it and made my own exfoliating sheets at home. Salicylic acid helps clean out pores, whiteheads and blackheads (which is why BHA is a common ingredient in most popular Blackhead products like cosrx).  0.5-2% Salicylic acid solutions and products are safe for use and are available everywhere. A higher percentage is used in peels by dermatologists and usually require prescriptions. I wasn’t able to find the exact concentration used in this but whatever it is, it worked for my skin and that’s all that matters.

It seems the cleanser has a pH of about 5.5 so it’s low pH which is supposed to be good for your skin. The low (acidic) pH of your skin helps kill bacteria and just acts like a protective barrier against the environment. Our body creates acidic linings on a lot of other organs and openings to the outside environment as well but that’s a whole different post. Basically, low pH = good. Using a low pH cleanser is better for your skin because it prevents your skin from becoming alkaline and fights some bacteria while it’s at it. For more details refer to this post by Snow White and the Asian Pear.

Cocamidopropyl Betaine: This ingredient is used in many cleansers and helps the product froth. It’s supposed to be a thickening agent so it prevents the foam from being really runny as well. It’s considered safe for skin but since it is derived from coconuts some people may be allergic to it. I haven’t seen any reactions to this ingredient and I guess that’s a good sign.

Extracts: Yadah’s website has descriptions of some of the extracts they use and why they use them. I compiled the 3 that they list on their website for this product.

They also have a “6 Non-added System” which is what they follow to exclude certain ingredients from their products that may be controversial. These include Parabens, Benzophenone, Mineral Oil, Animal Materials, Sulfates and Artificial Dyes.



After a really long post, it’s safe to say that I really love this cleanser. It’s first one I’ve found in a long time that works for me. It clears out my acne, keeps my skin clear and doesn’t dry it out. The rating below may be temporary and may change depending on whether or not I find better cleansers in the future but for now it’s the best one I’ve found.

Rating: 2/5. I plan on trying more foaming cleansers from now onwards so this rating could change depending on whether I can find a better one or not. It’s the best cleanser I’ve used so far though (Update: The rating was lowered because I have since found that this cleanser is not great for my skin. I found a different foaming cleanser that works way better and will post a review soon)

You can buy this from The Wild Jasmine Shop and use the code SWAG10 for 10% off the cleanser. Also check the Coupon Codes & Links page for discounts on any other websites you might use.



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